Southeast Corridor Project: Connecting Communities

Project Details

Clinton to the River Multi-use Path

Cinton to the River Multi-use Path Click map for a larger view

Left: Major bike corridors that converge on Portland’s Central Eastside serve over 2,500 daily bicycle trips each, yet currently lack safe connections to one another.

The project will construct approximately 2,000 feet of a multi-use path and bike boulevard connection to complete a seamless 2.8-mile bicycle route adjacent to the Portland-Milwaukie light rail alignment. This multi-use path provides cyclists and pedestrians a direct, low-stress connection to other heavily utilized bike routes in the inner eastside and to downtown Portland.

Without the Clinton to the River Multi-use Path, cyclists and pedestrians have no direct, safe route from the eastside to the new Willamette River Bridge. An increasing population faced with unappealing alternative transportation facilities will result in more people driving, which creates wear on existing roadways, poorer air quality and climate change impacts.

Major bike corridors lack safe connections to one another

2010 Southeast Corridor Project | TriMet 4012 SE 17th Ave. Portland, OR 97202